Titan Gas - Titan Gas fills the room, inflicting 17,000 Frost damage every 1 sec. to all players and energizing both players and constructs, increasing melee damage dealt by 25%.
[Dps] Emperor's Rage - The smallest Terracotta warriors, the Emperor's Rage strike quickly with dual axes and often formed the forward lines in Lei Shin's mechanical armies.
Focused Assault - Every Emperor's Rage fixates on a random player, attacking only that player until the player dies or the Rage can no longer attack them.
[Dps] Unarmored - The Emperor's Rage wear very little armor, and all types of crowd control effects work against them.
Emperor's Courage - The Emperor's Courage carry a polearm to harry opponents and form a powerful defensive wall with shields and armor.
Focused Defense - The Emperor's Courage comes to the aid of Jan-xi or Qin-xi by fixating on a tank, attacking only that player until the player dies or the Courage can no longer attack them.
Impeding Thrust - The Impeding Thrust of the Emperor's Courage inflicts 150% normal melee damage and reduces the target's movement speed by 25% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 4 times.
Half Plate - The Emperor's Courage wear armor protecting the front of their bodies. The Half Plate blocks or deflects any damage dealt by players to the front of the Emperor's Courage, but they remain susceptible to movement impairing effects.
Emperor's Strength - The heavily-armored Emperor's Strength strike earth-shaking blows with their massive two-handed hammers.
Energizing Smash - The Emperor's Strength smash the ground in front of them, inflicting 100,000 Physical damage to players within 10 yards of the strike zone and stunning them for 2 sec. The radius of the effect increases by 1 yard after each use of Energizing Smash.
Full Plate - The Emperor's Strength wear heavy armor that grants them immunity to all crowd control effects.
Jan-xi and Qin-xi - Jan-xi and Qin-xi activate after 90 seconds and share their health pool.
[Important] Devastating Combo - Jan-xi and Qin-xi perform a devastating combination of five attacks. In Heroic Difficulty, the Devastating Combo consists of ten attacks.
[Deadly] Devastating Arc - Jan-xi and Qin-xi strike a 25 yard hemispherical area to the left, right, or in front of them. These Devastating Arc attacks inflict 150,000 Physical damage and reduce the target's armor by 10% for 30 sec. Stacks up to 10 times. The immense power of these attacks ignore any player effects that grant damage immunity.
[Deadly] Stomp - Jan-xi and Qin-xi stomp the ground, inflicting 100,000 Physical damage to all players within 12 yards and stunning them for 2 sec. The immense power of this attack ignores player effects that grant damage immunity.
[Tank] Magnetic Armor - Jan-xi and Qin-xi magnetize their current targets for 10 sec. If a magnetized player moves more than 16 yards away from the constructs, a strong magnetic force pulls them back.
[Tank] [Dps] Opportunistic Strike - Avoiding attacks in a Devastating Combo causes the player to gain a Growing Opportunity. If a player avoids all of the attacks in a Devastating Combo, they gain the Opportunistic Strike ability for 3 sec, which inflicts 1,000,000 Physical damage.
[Heroic] Titan Spark - When any construct dies, it releases a Titan Spark.
Focused Energy - A newly created Titan Spark fixates on a player, attacking only that player until the player dies or the Spark can no longer attack them.
[Deadly] Energy of Creation - When a Titan Spark dies or gets close to any player, it releases the Energy of Creation. The Energy inflicts 750,000 Nature damage to all players within 8 yards and energizes any constructs, increasing their attack speed by 50% for 2 min. This effect stacks.